What To Bring

– 1 duffle style bag for your belongings. Note: This should be clearly marked with your name.

– Sleeping bag and/ or blankets with pillow

– 6 plain white short-sleeve t-shirts (No V-neck Shirts) (white and no writing)

– 6 pair of underwear

– 6 pair of white socks

– 5 pair of blue jeans (NO other colors: i.e. black, khaki, etc.), (NO Capri’s)

– Boys & Girls: Belt

– Girls: mandatory white sports bras and sanitary products as needed

– Swimwear

– One long sleeve shirt for paintball

– 2 pair of running shoes (1 old pair to be worn to Camp on day of break down)

– 2 towels and wash cloths, soap, deodorant, shampoo, shower shoes, comb and/or brush, toothpaste, toothbrush, sleepwear (shorts, pajamas, shirts, etc.), sunscreen for all day protection, chap stick,

– Bible, notebook, pen or pencil

Medications: All medications must be checked in with medical staff on sign-in and will be dispensed by medical staff during duration of camp. Medications will be returned to students on last day of camp.

What Not To Bring

– No Electronics: includes cell phones, mp3 players, CD players, games, video equipment, etc.
– No Razors of any kind
– Nothing battery operated or requiring electricity.

– Make-up, hair products, hair accessories (except elastic bands as needed to hold back long hair)

– Blow dryer, curling iron, rollers, etc.

– Cologne, perfume, etc…

– Open-toed shoes or sandals (except shower shoes)

– Food (including gum, candy, cookies, etc.)

– Alarm clock and photos

– Wallet (turn in to administrators prior to leaving for boot camp)

– Magazines, books (other than the Bible), puzzles etc.

– Sports equipment (football, basketball, etc.)

– Firecrackers, caps, etc.

– No weapons of ANY type

– No practical jokes whatsoever

-.No jewelry (necklaces, earrings, etc…)

NOTE: If any materials from the “What You Must Not Bring” list are brought to the camp, they will be collected by the staff and returned at the end of camp.


When Does Camp Start?

-Camp starts on Monday night, June 18th @ Freedom, “A Church for All People”, located at 6416 Grissom Rd, San Antonio Texas. All campers should arrive at the church between 6pm – 7pm to complete their registration.

NOTE: All parents will be giving a “point of contact” phone number for emergencies, and directions to the camp for the graduation ceremony held on Friday, June 22nd.